24 May 2010

Imperial Fist Finished (pt. 3)

As promised here's the final pics of the Imperial fist I've been working on.   With battle damage and weathering.  I know there's a lot to improve on, I think there's a "bit" to much damage, and not enough weathering around the feet, but as I've stated this is the first time I've ever tried doing this on a model.  I really LOVE the way it looks though, so I can honestly say I'll be doing this with every model from now on.  It really adds a ton of character to the model.  

 Here's the last few WIP shots for those interested.  As you can see I like to paint mini's in stages, that means painting all the bits prior to assembly, and only touching up parts after gluing them.   To this end, I paint 80% of my IG while they are still on the sprue or as individual bits.

Well I've got 4 more of these to do now.  Better get started if I ever want to finish...

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