10 May 2010

IG Astropath

After reading about the success's and usefulness of the Astropath in various IG armies, I've decided to try on out.  The initial painting results can be seen above.  I've also decided to try out a few of the highlighting tips I've read about, combining various washes and layers.  So far I can say that although time consuming, especially when working on only one model at a time, I like the results.   So far I've used Regal blue, and wash of Devlan Mud, followed up by another highlight of Regal blue, and Ultramarine blue.  I'm wavering on the thought of using Ice blue as well.  (these are the only blues I have at the moment)

Next up I plan on working on the wooden staff, and I recently saw a nice tutorial in one of the WD's that I thought I could modify to use the colors I have at hand.  We'll see how those go, and show the results in my next post.


  1. Good start ... looking forward to more

  2. Thanks, I got a little bit done on the staff last night so I should have more updates later in the week.