11 May 2010

BT Razorback

Black Templar Tuesday is back with a mighty Lascannon armed Razorback.  Alrighty then no laughing!  This here was my very first Space marine tank (1998), and it still has much of it's original paint job, can't you tell.  I used the simplistic model of painting back then, and that was to base coat everything in black and then paint a few pieces of kit and call it a day.   You'll also notice that some of the bits are from the later released BT vehicle sprue, which I felt needed to be added to give it a more BT feel.

I also repainted the turret and gun about 6 years back because the metal had chipped and flaked off, yes it had only a single layer of black on it originally as I didn't know what "base coating" was back then.  Looking at this thing now it makes me want to repaint it or sell it.  Maybe I'll just put it back in the storage bin and save it for a rainy day...

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