14 May 2010

Astropath Finished

Well I didn't think I would have the chance to get this guy finished, what with all my time going to the Imperial Fist that I'm working on, but at some point you have to wait for paint to dry.  He's by far not my best work, but I really wanted to try out some shading on his robes, and I don't think they came out to bad.

You know, that I'm looking at this pic, I realize the rim of the base needs a bit more lovin...  I guess he's not done after all....


  1. Looking good. I hear ya, looking at pictures of your own work is very unforgiving...LOL

  2. S'nothing to sneeze at. I like him, but then again, as an Ultramarine player, I'm quite fond of blue anyway. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I went back after after posting this and finished the base, so he really is "Finished" now.

    Blue is a new color for me to work with, as this is only my 4th Blue model in 12 years, I actually enjoy it...