30 January 2010

Canis Vulpis (Warhound name)

Well, I waited until the poll was through to see who came out on top and Canis Vulpis wins, with Invictus Canis right behind.  So if I ever decide to build a second Warhound I'll name her Invictus Canis.  In celebration of her official naming I sat down last night and knocked this out.

 The idea for them came form the templates BoLS created  for their Icons of the Titan Legions decal sheets.  I plan on using some of the tutorials on painting banners create by Ron over on ++From the Warp++, to paint these up.  I especially liked Ron's idea of creating something different for the back.  I just have to decide what it is I want to paint in the back...

29 January 2010

Crimson Fists Captain Cortez

Well I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been wanting to paint some Crimson Fists for my Black Templar army, Yes the one that I rarely use.  This has been an idea of mine since, oh say 3 years or so and one that's finally seeing the light of day.  It's been a while since I've really painted any SM's and the Attack bike I did a few weeks ago really was fun to do.

So it's been a pleasant few days working on this guy on the side.  A much needed break from IG and the Warhound I'm building.   As you can see I didn't go all out on him, and left a few places empty so that I can add stuff later.  You see I'm the type of player that likes to add decorations after using models in a game, like war trophies.

Now I've only got 10 more Fists to paint, and a 2nd Attack bike and this little force will be done.   I'm hoping to have them done by summer but with the other projects I have planned we'll see how it goes.

26 January 2010

Templar Tuesdays

Well, in the process of consolidating blogs I decided at the end of last year to merge my Black Templars into this blog.  Now I haven't played these guys regularly for about 4 years so they've been collecting dust in the basement.  In fact most of the pictures that will be popping up every Tuesday from now on are also 4 years old.

Additionally most of these were painted anywhere between 1998 and 2006, so there are varying levels of skill or lack there of.  Indeed, I'm usually ashamed to pull these guys out which I only do for Apoc games.  But I have to say I learned a lot painting these guys.  My first forays into highlighting, painting skin, and shading were here.  They may not be great, but they still hold a place of honor. So, here's to the beginning of what I'll be calling "Templar Tuesdays" as I show a new set of "old" photos every Tuesday, for you amusement.

22 January 2010

Warhound Poll

So I've sitting here today trying to come up with a name for the Warhound Titan that I'm building and I've got it down to 4 choices.  They are:
Virtus Canis
Canis Vulpis
Canis Antagonistes
Invicuts Canis

Now my favorite is Canis Vulpis.  Not sure why, I think I just like how it sounds, so now I'm interested in hearing what you all think.  The poll is on the right and will be up for a week so get started and vote for your favorite!

Oh, and here's an updated pic with the latest progress:

21 January 2010

She walks.. Warhound (part 1)

Ok, maybe not yet, but at least the feet are done.  Just thought I'd post up a pick of the latest project on my desk.  I'm still working on my commander for my Crimson Fists detachment, but I got sidetracked along the way.  I think it was something to do with finally getting around to reading Titanicus.  For those of you who don't recoginze the feet it's the start of a Lucius pattern Warhound.

Haven't decided on a name yet, but she's going to painted up in the colors of Legio Astraman (The Morning Stars).  In all honesty I had thought about doing the War Griffons but I'm HORRIBLE at painting yellow, so I decided to go with something that would be a little easier.  Besides that seeing that their home world is in the same sector as my background fluff I thought it would be easier to incorporate.

17 January 2010

Check this out...

Not sure if anyone has seen this before, in fact I found it by accident through TSOLR.  Geek Nation Tours
This appears to be a Tour/Travel agency for all of us "Table Top Geeks" regardless of genre.  They have some pretty neat upcoming tours to include Comic Con, a trip to the UK, and one to Germany.  Hell, it even looks like they're trying to put together a Cruise!

Now for me the best of them, is the trip to Germany as I live in Germany and could bum out and just do the ground portion.  Of course this also works for the UK tour so maybe I'll have to keep an eye on that as well.  I can say if I lived in North America (I miss Wisconsin in the winter) I'd be broke in a year trying to get on as many of these as I can. 

Anywho, that's enough of the plug.  I'm in no way affiliated with those guys, I just thought it was something that more gamers should see.

10 January 2010

Crimson Fists

Yup, your read that correctly.  As part of the new year I plan on doing up a few Crimson Fists to go along with my ever aging Black Templars army.  The idea is that a small detachment (around 20 Fists or so) are on crusade with my Templars, and occasionally come in support of my IG army.  In game terms the only time they ever make an appearance with my IG is during Apoc.

My master plan is that I'll play these side by side with my BT's using the BT codex so they're still game legal.  Future fists include a 10 Fists as a troops choice a second attack bike, and a commander where I'll be using the old Captain Cortez model. 

As I mentioned earlier I also have a Black Templars army, one that I plan on show casing here over the year as I integrate them into my blog.

Oh, and this is my first 2 painting points for the year.

09 January 2010

Painting points system

Well as I mentioned in my last post I plan on using the "Painting for Points" system that so many others used last year.  AFAIK "Lone Pilgrim" came up with this so all credit goes to him.  The idea behind this is that you "earn" points for every model that you paint completely.

Now I'm not sure where I saw this next part but my plan is that at the end of the year I will convert these points into cold hard cash.  In other words the models I paint, the more points I get, the more money I can spend on 40k in the next year.

And here's the Painting System I plan on using.
  1. Infantry = 1 Point
  2. Bikes/Cavalry = 2 points
  3. Dreadnaught/Walker = 5 points
  4. Tank = 10 points
  5. Superheavy Vehicle = 20 point
Now some of you may have already noticed but I've added a new text area on the right side to display the number of points painted so far.   As you can see so far I haven't completed any, but I'm hoping that with a winter storm setting in over Germany this weekend I'll have the chance to change that.

03 January 2010

What's in store for 2010

So just to be different I thought I would do it in pictures, and then just to be a pain why do full pictures when I could do chips and make everyone think about it.  So in no particular order....


In addition to all that, I'd like to work on my writing a little bit to.  I've written a little bit of fluff for my Armies in the past but it's not been very good.  Unfortunately there's no picture that really conveys "fluff"...  So, I hope you all were able to figure out what my plans are for the next year.   They're all pretty easy so it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

Additionally I'm going to try out the "Painting Point" system that so many of you did last year.  Maybe it'll help me get some of the projects I have planned for the year done.  More on that to come in a later post.