10 January 2010

Crimson Fists

Yup, your read that correctly.  As part of the new year I plan on doing up a few Crimson Fists to go along with my ever aging Black Templars army.  The idea is that a small detachment (around 20 Fists or so) are on crusade with my Templars, and occasionally come in support of my IG army.  In game terms the only time they ever make an appearance with my IG is during Apoc.

My master plan is that I'll play these side by side with my BT's using the BT codex so they're still game legal.  Future fists include a 10 Fists as a troops choice a second attack bike, and a commander where I'll be using the old Captain Cortez model. 

As I mentioned earlier I also have a Black Templars army, one that I plan on show casing here over the year as I integrate them into my blog.

Oh, and this is my first 2 painting points for the year.

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