24 October 2009

Is my blog worth it....

So this theme originally came from a post over on "From the Warp", "Really, is your blog worth it".  It's something that I read with great interest and something that got me to thinking about my own blog.  To bad I started this post a month and a half ago and forget that I had saved it as a draft....  At last today it's finally seeing the light of day. So on to my way justifying my blog.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I'm not one to write about 40k rules, or my views on 40k. Ok, so I have done it before but very rarely.  The thing is though that everyone and their brother do this, and that's not a bad thing as it shows different points of view.  It's just that it's just not my thing.  And besides sometimes it feels like everyone's just:

In fact I don't even do tutorials, as I feel there are quite a few modelers that are much better than I am.  And besides, I typically forget to take pictures or when I do take them it's random at best and normally once the darn thing is complete.  So what do I do then...

I write about what I'm doing with my army and how I hope they fit it with my overall theme. I post up pics of scratch builds or mini's that I've done, basically I post about my army.   See the thing is, I like to play the game, model, paint, you know enjoy the hobby more than all those other things.  So this blog is how I Hope that I can share my part of the hobby with everyone else.  And maybe, just maybe,  if I bring inspiration to someone else than my blog is worth it.

Heck my blog is worth it just because it gives me something to do, and helps encourage me to do more and better.  Besides I like watching the visitors number go up.   ;)


  1. Blogging helps keep me motivated too. Nice post.

  2. Thanks Ron. I think the motivation part right now is the biggest for me because I have gotten a game in, in almost 4 months. So this little project (my blog) is sort of my lifeline to 40k.