16 February 2009

Super Heavy Tank Names

Well everyone I've got a few questions.   With my Valdor almost done and 2 Malc. Defenders in the works my Super Heavy Tank Company is almost (50%) done.   That said, I've decided to give them all names and now I'm asking for your opinions, this is what I'm thinking so far.

Stormblade:  Either "BOHICA" or "Fritz"  I have no idea why I like Fritz, I just like it.   For the unenlightened BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again, and well seems to fit when a load of Plasma is flying at ya.

Valdor:  "Kanonenwagen"

2x Malcador:  "S#!t Slinger" and "Doom Buggy".  BOHICA or Fritz depending on above.

2x Malc Defenders:  ?????

So on to the questions.   Does anyone else name their Super Heavy's?  and your opinions...


  1. Those names sound good. I know what you mean when you come up with a name and for some reason it just seems to suit the vehicle.

    I've named my Baneblade ,"Vengeance", and will be naming all future Super Heaby's that I get. I also try to name everyone of my vehicles.

    - Cadian 127th

  2. Vengeance is a good one as well, even crossed my mind until I decided I wanted to go a different route. So far though I've only decided to give my Super Heavy's names.