06 March 2016

Infantry, it's never enough.

And I finally finished up yet another squad.  Sgt. Burcham with  2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, 9th Company, 7th Scansin.   Only one more squad to go and I'll have 1st Platoon done.  Not to sure if I'll do up the entire 9th Company, as that would require me to paint up 9 more Infantry Squads and 4 more Command Squads.  And although I would love to do it, I'm not sure if I could get the requisition script signed by the "Major General".

I just like the way he came out so of course I had to put up a photo.  I really, really wish I knew where I got all the different heads for these guys.  I know they are a mix of Vic Mini's, Curious Constructs, and I believe Max Mini.  But which ones came from where.... 


  1. Nice job. I suspect that mixing the heads up gives the unit's individuals some form of personal identity. Y'know, every platoon has at least one guy whose beret always looks like half chewed frikadellla...

    1. Something like that. I was thinking that it would be nice to not have 40 little army men who share 5 different faces. ;)