21 March 2016

Brevet Col. Sunderland - 7th Scansin

 Brevet Col. Joesev Sunderland is one of the many "Highborn" officers serving throughout the Regiments founded by the planet Scansin. After completing his time in the Officer Training Battalion then 3rd Lieutenant Sunderland not only volunteered but fought his way off planet to join the ranks of the Imperial Guard.

After serving at Sector Command, Maj. Sunderland was offered the chance to take command of one of the companies in the newly formed 7th Scansin.  There was no hesitation on his part, as he felt that he would be able to bring his years of experience to the newly founded Regiment.  Little did he know that the original command staff of the 7th Scansin was much more interested in looking good, than they were in being effective.

Although he was not well respected in the officer ranks, Maj. Sunderland ensured that his company was well drilled in the art of war.  Years of experience had showed him the importance of drill and training, and he would be damned if his troopers couldn't fight for the Emperium. Following the disaster that was New Praxis, most of the officer billets in the 7th Scansin were open.  It was at this point that Marshal Argos, pulled strings to get Maj. Sunderland temporary Command of the 7th.

Once the 7th had been resupplied and was back up to combat strength, Marshal Argos once again ensured that the Regiment was assigned to BG82, and gave Maj. Sunderland a Brevet to Colonel.


  1. Sounds like Marshall Argos might shuffle one of his cronies in and put Sutherland back in his place, perhaps.

  2. WOW great model.
    Where did he come from?
    Love the fluff too as always.

    1. I Picked him up here "" And loved the model as soon as I saw it!