14 March 2016

7th Scansin (Scout Platoon)

Every Infantry regiment founded on Scansin, has at least one Scout Platoon.  These troopers usually scout out ahead of the main formation and relay information back to Regimental Command.  Experts in the art of reconnaissance and stealth, these troopers work in small teams of 3 to 6.  Equipped with a light weight uniform, (lacking the built in armor) camo cloak, and various other tools of the trade many a foe has fallen to the skilled shot of a recon scout.

Due to their location, sometimes far ahead of the main body, they can also be employed as Snipers.  Because of this all troopers assigned to the Recon Platoon are required to be excellent marksman.  Those that can no longer keep up are sent back to a line Company.

Now I just have to finish up a few more of these and I'll have a Ratling Squad or two.


  1. Very cool stuff, all their missing is kilts

    1. What! no kilts in this army. I respect the men who can wear them but you don't go running around in skirts in a Wisconsin winter. :)

  2. And unlike you, I wouldn't wear them in a Wisconsin summer, either....

    Whose cloaks are they ? I've got a bunch of guys who need cloaks, but I'm scared of greenstuff....

    1. Neither would I. You ever come face to face with the Wisconsin State "Bird" and you'll know why.



      As for the cloaks, they're from Victoria Miniatures. When you say "Bunch" of guys who need them, how many would that "Bunch" be? I have a few that are just collecting dust...

  3. Ah, I suppose Wiconsin and Manitoba arn't really that far apart in the grand scheme of things, are they ? Really love that roadsign.

    Erm, I'm not sure but think about twenty. I'll go and check and email you later.