20 July 2015

ToE 4224th Imperial Guard Army (Part 7)

Well I promised that I would put this up a while back, but things just haven't been going like I would like so I'm just getting around to doing it now.  To answer "Zzzzz's" question "I note that the BG HQ functions could be described as another battalion. Are they one cohesive unit or are they drawn from the BG's constituent units ?"  I'll have to provide a bit of background for how Sub-Sector Command is organized out here on the fringes of the Veiled Region.

So in my little part of the Galaxy, there is constant war with the planets on the edges of the Veiled Region constantly under attack by enemies of the Imperium.  Because of this many Regiments that are raised don't leave the Sub-Sector and typically receive reinforcements every 2 years from the core worlds of the Sub-sector.  To ensure that the Battle Groups and Army Groups are staffed with experienced staff the Officers are assigned to Battle or Army Groups as permenent staff.  The Commander of each Group is free to pick is own staff, the Regiments that are under his/her command are moved around at the will of the Sector command.  Always there where they are needed most.

Marshal Argos escorted by two body guards.
 What that all means for my fluff is that a Battle Group consists of pure combat units.  All of the assorted "support" elements come for the Army Group level.  Now there a always a few support units assigned to a Battle Group, such as cooks (the staff has to eat you know), clerks, medics, etc... but only enough to get them by.  Most of the support work load is handled by the dedicated units at the Army Level, and can be sourced out to the different Battle Groups as needed.

For example: BG-82 has, according to it's TO&E, a HQ Staff, 3x Munitorum Companies, 2x Service Companies, and 2x Medical Companies assigned to it.  It also consists of 6 Regiments, which also have their own support elements. When BG-82 is not deployed in a combat zone, all of these support elements would be reduced down to a platoon of each.  These platoon are the permanent support elements assigned to the Group.  Once the Group receives Deployment orders, the support elements would be increased, according to the number of combat units assigned, by pulling down the required units from the Army Group level.

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  1. "Like". Splitting your Labour and Engineering Corps on military lines ? Makes perfect sense. I'm going for named-for-the-guy-in-charge type informal formations for 72AG, just coz I can.