27 July 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP - Part 3

How 'ma lookin boys?
Well she's done!  I may still put on another clear coat but I haven't decided yet.  The weathering isn't the best, but better than some of my earlier attempts at it.  Hopefully the clear coat won't take to much of it away.  I've had that happen on a few other model's before and didn't enjoy having to go back and do another coat of  "weathering" on top of the clear coat.

Before you ask, I picked out some of the details with paints, didn't really use a lot of washes this time, and mostly I used those on the back where the engine is.  The rest of it was done with weathering powders and different types of brushes.

I've decided on a name for Commander "Lt. Deering", and I've started on a bit of back ground for her as well.  But one thing I realized was that I didn't have a name for the Mach itself.  The one that seems to stick in my head the most is simply "Thunder" but we'll see how I feel about that in a few days.
And above you can see a close up of Lt. Deering riding the Copula. Nothing like checking out the enemy with your own eyes before blasting them to pieces.


  1. Nice work on what is one of FW's better models. I especially like the commander piece.

  2. Thanks! The model was a blast to put together and to paint. I always hate weathering my models though... this time I think it came out looking pretty darn good though.

  3. Absolutely love it! Great camp scheme and who doesn't command their tank wearing a bikini top. Wouldn't fly in the praetorian regiments, lack of a top button being the main issue!

  4. Lovely ! And she's not bad, either !

  5. Great stuff, good to see the tank finished. Went to the right home!