08 July 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP - Part 2

So after the shading from last time, I added the second layer, and finished up my Tank Commander.  No closeups of her as I'm planing an individual post for that. 

After that I covered the model in "UHU Patafix" adhesive pads, you don't have to push it down into the corners but make sure that you've covered all the areas that you want to keep the original Beige color. I supposed you could use silly putty or something along those lines as well.  It took a bit to get it all covered but it was well worth the few extra minutes.  After that I sprayed her with an "olive brown", and let her dry.

So, once the first two brown's are dry, add another layer of adhesive pads on all the parts that you want to keep with the darker brown, but don't remove the first!  As you can see I then sprayed again using Olive Drab.  Now it's time to kick back, let'er dry and enjoy a cold one.

And now we have the finished (almost) product.  I had to go back and tidy up a few spots where I sprayed to heavily and there we a few places where I jammed the putty to hard into the cracks.  But all in all I think I'm allowed to pat myself on the back. 


  1. Great work so far! Love the camo design and the simplicity of the masking methodolgy. Nearly done, but the detailing is where they get brought to life, looking forward to seeing the finished result

  2. Thanks! I'm working on getting all the "black" parts painted up along with anything else that should dulled down later on through the weathering and detailing.

    I hope to have the next update out in a few days.

  3. Looking good so far...

    And of course you already know where it fits in the organisation...