15 May 2015

Pumping Station 436-X10 (Battle Report)

Pumping Station 436-X10
"Commander, we have just received word from Group, the assault team Alpha to the east has failed.  The bridge is still intact, and in the hands of the enemy!"  Parallel to the attack on the bridge, assault team Dagger was assigned the task of seizing pumping station 436-X10.  Installed at the joint of 3 Rivers, the pumping station was not only vital for the forces of the Imperium, but tactically vital as it would prove to be a stable FOB.

Enemy guns already targeted the air support as it arrived.
Elements of 3 Regiments along with Air support were assigned to the mission.  Elements of the 313th dropped in advance, with elements of Armor and light infantry moving up for support.  Loitering air support was highly effective, but the enemy deployed an unusually high amount of AA guns.
Forward elements have already sized the pumping station. While the rear defends against a flank maneuver.
Already in the opening phases of the battle, Infantry elements along with light armor support had moved up to seize the pumping station, while light Infantry and heavy armor moved to secure the bridges and defend the flank.
Pumping Station Secure
"Sir, we've got incoming enemy air support heading to the target.  Shall we move up in support?" Called the radio operator.

"Damn it, we just lost the bridge, it'll take to long to re-take.  Order the armor up to the river in fire support.  They should still have range on the target and will be able to provide fire support from there."
Ogryn hauler...
As Ogryn's poured from the wrecked Valkyrie, the Infantry holding the pumping station attempted to dig in just a little bit deeper.  Ogryn's were well known for the lack of intelligence, but on the same hand treasured for their singled minded purpose in close combat.
Hold the line!
After chewing through the first line of Infantry, the 313th retreated deeper into the pumping station.  They only needed to hold out until sun set.  At that point the Ogryn's could be killed in their sleep as they laid down there weapons for "nighty night."
Over Kill
Only smoking craters, red graffiti, and the odd piece of kit was to be found, after 2 Multi-Lassors, 4 Heavy Bolters, and 2 Exterminator Cannon's fired upon the last 2 Ogryns's.


Well much like the previous game, we came up with our own scenario and rules. The river was impassable for Infantry, Dangerous for all vehicles that weren't amphibious.  Only the central bridge in the middle, and the bridge joining the two deployment zones.  Objective was the Pumping station and holding on to it.

I think the pictures explain what happened pretty good, but just a short one liner.  I Won, but I did it in the bottom of the 6th, with quite literally my very last shots from an exterminator.   If I hadn't managed it, I have no doubt that I would have lost in the 7th turn.

Twas a great game, and once again I had a blast!


  1. Do you know what I like to call winning on the last turn...winning.

    Glad to see you pulled it off. Losing two battles in a row on a campaign can be devastating.

  2. Excellent ! Well done 313th !

    I still love those scratchbuilds.