28 May 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP

As promised long ago here's an update to the Macharius Vanquisher.  As you can see it's not much, but it'll show that I'm at least going forward.  
The commander is "Tank Gunner Ash" from Raging Hereos, to get her to fit I hat drill out the commanders hatch adding about 1cm in depth.  Well worth it though as I can remove her (yes her legs are still on) and always use her for something else in the future.  At some point in the coming days/ weeks I'm  gonna have to do up some background for her. 

An a picture of the primed tank.  Primed dark grey, and then 2 light coats of a sand color.  Then I did a bit of pre-shading, and the tracks.  Well that's all for now, more in a few days when I get back from our short family vacation.

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