01 May 2015

E Tenebrae Lux IV - Macharius Vanquisher

Well as some of you may remember I won a Macharius Vanquisher a while back.  Original post here Up until now I just haven't been able to find the time to get her done, but over the next 3 months I should have more than enough free time do finally do it.

Here's the current progress as of today.

The big push though came from the painting competition over at Bolter and Chainsword.  So I've pledged my Mach and now I have to finish it.


  1. I'll be watching your progress, you are very welcome to the prize. Glad it's going to be tackled soon ;)

  2. Sorry it's taken so long to getting around to it, but family and work have been a priority the last few months...

    That said, I've started cutting and washing so look forward to seeing more progress in the next few days.

  3. Can't wait to see thins done. Macharius' are some of FW's best models.

  4. Excellent! That is by far my favorite FW tank in the guard range - looking forward to seeing it come together!