04 May 2015

Destroy the Bridge (Battle Report)

Elements of BG-82 advance upon the target.

As part of the defense Avenweddon Marshal Argos BG82 was ordered to move up and secure the western flank, Marshal Argos immediately seized the Ridge line to form a natural line of defense.  With the ridge under control, BG-82 set out to secure a number of bridges and infrastructure targets before the enemy was able to destroy them.
The enemy secured the bridge, but the 313th isn't done yet.
Elements of the 313th DTR jumped in ahead of the main force to secure a number of vital objectives prior to the attack on the bridge.  Forward elements of the 7th Scansin and the 73rd AR, moved up in support before gathering for the main thrust.

Break through! But can they hold.
The main force was required to secure the bridge, and detonate it from the other side.  Below the Imperial Square Monument were the control's to detonate the bridge.  This was to be considered the last resort, but within the first hour of the engagement was already being undertaken.

Air support was called in, and successfully took out the Chaos lord, along with a Daemon. Untold traitors meet their end under the fiery blaze of the Avenger's Gatling cannon.

A single Chimera was able to cross the river and charge on to the secondary objective.  The rest of the assault force was scattered on the eastern edge of the river, unable to assist, and still pursued by traitor marines.
Will the Single Squad be able to detonate the bridge?
In the end I end the traitors were able to contest the objective, and as the sun set upon the battlefield the bridge still stood.  The assault force pulled back under cover of darkness, collecting their wounded along the way.  Although this bridge was lost, there were more important objectives that had been secured that day.


I had a great game a few weeks ago, and realized I never posted this.  We pretty much just made up our own mission, objectives, and deployment zones; and then went out about crushing each others armies. I had a great game, even though I lost, it was the most fund I'd had in a long time.  I've got a couple more posts along these line, I just need to get them all typed up.


  1. Cool report. Dig the inclusion of that WW2 mini as a tank. Leman Russ?

    1. Thanks! Iuse them as LR Exterminators, but the are actually scratch builds on top of old Space Marine Rhino chassis.

  2. Interesting to see the Avenger in action. Did well, too, eh ?

    1. I love the Avenger! She's more than made up her points in every game I've used her in.