08 May 2015

Awenweddon - Theater of Operations

Sir, as you can see the 327th Fantoma and 7th Scansin have moved up and secured the ridge line.  Elements of the 19th Scansin have begun sweeps of the area to our front and also patrol our borders with the other Battle Groups.  73rd Armor is supports both of the forward Regiments and has secured our area to the rear with 4 Companies from the 313th.  Two Companies of the 313th has been arranged into a QRF 1with the ability to deploy anywhere in our AO with 30 Minutes.  The remainder has been organized into a RF 2, and can deploy within 2 hours.  The elements that are not currently involved in operations are on standby and can be used as you wish.


  1. I think BG82 needs to get some recce north of the ridge, beyond their FLOT. I think that if they make it back, that TACMAP might have a lot more red on it.

    But don't listen to me, I always worry too much....

    1. Oh, you can safely assume that there a mix of LLVI, GSS and LRS teams are active throughout the primary area of Operations.

      wink.. wink..