09 March 2015

7th Scansin Individuals

 Commissar Morkelvichka, is the name of my latest side project. She's being done up as she Regimental Commissar for the 7th Scansin. Blood and Glory over at the B&C is what got me motivated to finally finish her. And after a finally getting an hour of time to paint she's looking quite so shiny.

 Commissar Morkelvichka is a young, headstrong Political officer.  Torn between trying to fit in with the other Commissars assigned to BG-82 and finding her place within the 7th Scansin.  She is not one to shirk from her duties, but does tend to spend a bit to much time in front of her pict-caster. Morkelvichka also believes that everyone is constantly watching her every move waiting for her to make a mistake.

Remember those Curoious Constructs Heavy Weapons I bought and have been meaning to paint for...  ever.  Well I finally got around to it. Above are the guns, and below the start of the crew. 
I know they're shiny as well, but it's because the paint I'm using for the coats is "Gloss".  No worries though, once they're done they all get a dull coat and be back to normal. Last but not least is "Brevet Colonel Sunderland".  I'm still working on ideas for him so don't expect anything on that front for a bit.

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  1. People are watching her. All the damn time. But not many of them are being that analytical...