08 February 2015

7th Scansin - Heavy Weapons

Well I've had these for a while now and just finally got around to start painting them up.  They're the Heavy Weapons from the first Kickstarter ran by Col. Gravis.  Unfortunately I didn't really take any pictures up until this point, but I'll see about making sure that I take pics as I do up the rest.
Right now I'm only going to paint what is going to count as the Heavy Bolter and the Assault Cannon.  The Lascannon is going to end up on a different base.  As for mortars those will be done up on stand alone bases, and the rest of the heavy weapons are going to be done so that I can swap them out on the carriages.

I also didn't as get as much done as I wanted because my daughter wanted to play Princess Castle with her Lego's so of course I had to get involved.  This was the result.


  1. I use those same heavy weapons as Rapiers and Quad Mortars in my IG (featured in a recent battle report even.) They're about the perfect size.

  2. Nice progress. Having all the gun options makes them very versatile indeed. I planned to make mine Rapiers too but it is way down on the list of things to do.

    1. Thanks, I only picked up the basic weapons from the first KS. I love models, a bit of flash, but well worth it once they were cleaned up.

      From the last one I picked up a set of tracked bases along with the Quad gun and Multi-Missle Launchers. But those will be used else where.