06 November 2014

19th Scansin Lancers

 Finished!  I finished up the bases and detailing over the weekend. Mostly it was doing the buckles and Aquila's on their kit.  The all got a Las-Pistol added but not all of them were able to get a chain-sword, due to a lack of supplies from the Munitorium. A new Request has been prepared but needs to be signed off by Marshal Argos.

The last two shots are simply showing a bit more detail of the one of the troopers.  Not really much to see but they show the Chainsword and Laspistol. If you look closely you can even see the "G" in the Pennant.  

Yes, I based the Pennant on the Green Bay Packers along with the Regiment Number 19, and yes that's where the Planet name "Scansin" also has it's roots. 


  1. Very very awesome! Congrats on getting these to completion. I’ve really enjoyed seeing these riders take form and it has inspired me to push on with my own. Hopefully you’ll get to use them on a battlefield soon! I’ll get you my updated rules as soon as they are done – life keeps getting in the way.

  2. Excellent gee-gees, nice to see someone have a go at skewbald.