16 February 2014

Echo Troop Rough Riders (Part 2)

I really do hate to change projects half way through, but I seemed to have forgotten a Pledge to finish my Rough Riders by the end of the February...   oops.   So I dug them out and as you see above there's still a bit to do.  It's not a lot, but it's a lot of small detailing.  So until the end of the month (unless a miracle happens and I get these done faster) my poor Avenger will have to wait patiently as Echo Troop, 19th Mynvody Lancers gets painted up.

OH, and just a bit of a Rant over a rumor I heard. I love my Rough Riders, and the way they look and play with my army in general.  No, they are not the "über" unit that everyone wants, but they do their job, and look good.  ("looking good" isn't that what the cavalry is for anyways?) 

Now, I recently read this:
"For the same reasons Rough Riders will be dropped from the army list (much like most entries without models got cut from the tyranid codex). Source: FAEIT 212 "  And that got me thinking WTF!!!  I surely hope that GW doesn't do this.  Over the years they've changed a few units but completely wiping one out of the IG Codex hasn't happened in a while.  Now, as for myself, I think it's to early to tell as to if this is true or not, but I surely hope not.  I have big plans for my Cavalry, and hope to have 3 squads of them done in the not to distant future.


  1. I love Cavalry. At the moment I just use some french dragoons as Rough Riders until I can find some horses that dont cost a fortune.

    I was wondering if you could let me know what horses you used. The legs and arms I already have (same as yours) im just lacking mounts.

    If you could let me know cheers :) im enjoying the blog by the way. Always nice to see what other Guardsmen Players get up too.

    1. Thanks for the Comment! The Horses belong to the Warhammer Pistoliers/Outriders box set. Unfortunately you can't order these any more as "bitz"....

    2. Yea thats what I wanted to avoid getting as its pricy to get the box sets for just the horses. Oh well ill keep an eye out...


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