16 January 2014

Book Review: Fellguard Parts 1 & 2


Fellguard Part 1: The Siege of Fellguard (eBook)

Ok, so the stories themselves were good, and I'll give the author credit, but they really are over priced.  The Story follows the Cadian 39th as they attempt to storm and hold Fellguard and fight off the denziens of Chaos.  Most of the Story Centers around their Castellan, Regimental Commissar, and a Junior officer as the siege one of the central Bastions covering "No Mans Land" between the City walls.  

I won't give away the end, but for a short Story i enjoyed it, and to be honest I wouldn't mind seeing more in the future. The issue I have with them is the Price.

Fellguard Part 2: The Hour of Hell (eBook)

Now I know that eBooks have a different number of pages depending on your device, but on a 7" Tablet I had a combined page count of about 65 pages. All that for a whopping 6 Euro!!  I mean a standard BL paperback with 300 Pages run on average about 14 Euro ($19). Which is bad enough considering that just 4 years ago they were about 10 Euro ($14). 

I mean even if we use simple division, a paperback at 14 Euro equals about 1 Euro ($1.32) for 22 pages. That means that my 65 pages should have ran me about 3 Euro ($3,96).  But hello, these were E-BOOKS, so all I payed for was text file, a license, and the feeling of being ripped off. 

Which leads me to ask, why the hell are GW / BL e-Books so freaking expensive?  e-Books in Germany are generally expensive, because the Germans have some crazy law called a "Fixed book price agreement". I won't even venture down that road and how worthless I think the law is. But that aside, GW really needs to open there eyes and adjust their price model for e-Books.  

In the end though my recommendation would be to save your money until they're bundled together, with a lower price.