10 January 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 2)

Well she's coming along just fine, here she is after 2 nights of work.  We currently have company for a bit (till the end of the month), so my "Man Cave" has been converted into a guest bedroom.  This of course means that I'm having to build this out of a box so that it can be cleaned up and put away every night...  It may take a while to get built..

Up until this point everything is going ok, but it's going to need a bit of green stuff in the end.  The wings and engines were really a pain in the butt, and there's plenty of gaps where they connect. The 2nd problem I've had is that none of my normal Superglue is holding for crap... It's taking sometimes 15 - 20 minutes to dry to the point where I can support it and let it sit until everything is fixed in place.  At this rate I'm about ready to go out and buy new glue.

Oh, and in the above pic, the pilot and co-pilot are just sitting in there.  I won't be gluing them on until the end.  And the Avenger cannon fell off, about 30 seconds after snapping the pic... damn glue.


  1. Looking good so far sir, some excellent progress - and I know what it's like trying to work out of a box, a bloody pain in the arse. I find mixing superlgue with a bit of greenstuff creates a really strong bond if you don't want to pin them...

    1. Thanks! I moved out of the box this week as I finally got her finished (pics to come soon) and started painting the interior.