01 January 2014

2014 Hobby Resolutions

Well it's the start of a new year and as custom dictates, here are my "Hobby" New Years resolutions. I'd sum up the results of last year but I didn't make any for 2013, and besides me getting back into the swing of things is enough.  So enough of that and here's my list:

1. Blog Regularly.  
This goal works partially with points 2 and 3.  The more I game and paint the more I have to blog about.

2. Game Regularly.
See, I've already talked this over with the wife and as long as life and work permits I'm going to try and visit the local club twice a month. Even if I don't get a game in, I can always use the time to model or paint.  There are some great guys down there and I always enjoy the Apoc games, and the 1-2 "normal" games that I get in.

3. Finish the following Models:
Yes, some of these are rather old, but since my daughter was born (she's 3 now) I always find myself busy with other things.  Not that I mind see, she is by far more important, but even she knows not to play with "Papa's little army men".

  - 7th Scansin:
      - Hvy Weps
      - 2nd Squad

  - BG 82:
      - Arial Support
      - Warhound

4. Use the Painting Chart to track my painting progress.
See  point 3.  The more I paint the more I can fill out :)  nuff said.

5. Finish and post up my collected Fluff and Background information 
This should be a no brainer, but I've been putting this off for years...  Partially because my fluff is in 3 documents and reads more like scatter brained ideas, and partially because I'm not so very good at writing fluff.

Well I guess that's it.  Happy New Year to all and I wish you all the best in the coming year.  Unless of course your playing against me, in which case, I hope you get a tie.  

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  1. Here's to it, eh? I know we'll look forward to your progress, mate!