28 December 2013

Painting Chart

All hail Admiral Drax for this wonderful idea.  I've known about it now for a while, (at least the last couple years) but never thought I really needed it myself...   Recently I started thinking about it though and I realized that I really did have a lot of models that weren't really finished. Sure most are OK for the table top, but not really Finished.

So that is going to be one of  my 40K  hobby goals for the year.   No I don't plan on finishing it all,  but I would like to make a dent in it and keep the chart up to date.  Maybe I'll try to post an updated chart every month.  That might just give me the extra kick to keep working on all this stuff.


"Son,  how do you expect to requisition the replacements we need if you don't even know how many troopers we are supposed to have?  Now pull out your slates and lets have a look."  said Marshal Argos, to one of the clerks outside the Ops room, as he pulled up a field chair.  "What, you need to speak up son." 

 Slowly the young trooper looked up, glanced around, and replied. "Marshal Argos Sir, We don't have an exact SO&E, none of us were here as the Battle Group was formed, and we haven't found any slates with that Information.  All we have is the size of each Regiment as it was assigned to the Group, and upon it's arrival."

Well I'll be, thought Argos. We probably left the slates back on New Praxis.  What was that Quartermasters name again?  To bad he was already dead, or I'd have him shot. "Ok, then lets start with the size of each Regiment, check your Records and use the larger size.  Either that upon it's arrival or as it was assigned."  Argos stood up and headed back to the Ops Room.  "Oh, and send me your Supervisor. There's a few details about the upcoming operation that I'd like to discuss with him."


  1. That's an impressive amount of stuff on that chart.

    1. And that's without my 2000 Points of BT. I started IG shortly after 3rd Edition, and have been adding (and selling) units and models ever since.

  2. Fantastic stuff, as ever! A decent goal too, I reckon!