23 November 2013

War for Avenweddon III (Battle Report)

(Battlefield view from Canis Vulpis)
Well I got in my 3rd game of 40K this year and my 1st game of Apocalypse under the new rules.  14000 Pts per side, with 14 players, and  2k pts per person.  The low point limit per person really made it hard to get together a good list, so it really took a bit of coordination from the whole team to make sure that we had all our bases covered.  To further complicate things I have been away on a business trip the last few weeks and was hardly able to get anything together.

So I won't bore you with my list, but will instead show you a picture of my list instead. 
2000 Pts on the dot.  Not much fits in there, but the Double-Barreled Laser Destructor and a pair of Plasma-Blast guns are enough to inflict quite a bit of damage.  :)

Well to keep a long story short, and of course save a bit of fun for the my next "fluffy" post I won't bore you with all of the details.  We started at 9am and got done shortly after 8pm, and the tragic thing is that we had a great opening 2 turns, but ended up loosing the game.  Canis Vulpis (my Warhound) lived through the entire game without being shot at even one time.  In return, she took down untold enemy infantry and helped take out a few tanks, but nothing glorious...

The biggest problem we had was the CTan Mephet'ran.  He made sure that the we fought the entire game under the "Night Fighting" Rules which ensured that all of our vehicles only had a 36" range until something illuminated it. 

t'scha, In the end we made a few other mistakes but none that really were game breakers.  We had a good game and I'm really getting the urge to get back into the game again.  I work up a more "Historic" battle  report over the next few  days and try to get it posted before the end of the week.

Thanks to all members of "GT-Battlezone" for putting together a great Apocalyptic day!!!


  1. Looks great!

    Pity about that sneaky Tau wallah - someone ought really to have vetoed that...

    1. To be honest, it added a little "Something" to the game. We had dropped a number of other Apoclypse rules, but having to fight the entire battle really made you have to think about what, and who to shoot at. The When to shoot was also important so that the enemy was lit up by the time our heavier weapons fired.

      All in all, as much as I'd like to cry and moan about it, when think back on it I actually sorta liked it.