15 October 2013

Inquisitor (54mm)

Ah, I found these stuck away in the cellar last week as I was searching for something else.  Unfortunately they didn't survive the move to Germany 9 years ago, nor the 2 moves within the last 9 years.   But before I strip the paint I thought I'd post up how they originally looked 11 sum odd years ago when I first bought and painted these guys up at GW Glen Burnie USA.

Oh, yeah!  This was the first time I had ever painted such large models of people.  Up until this point I had only painted 28mm, 1/35, and 1/72 scale models, and even then they weren't to a very high standard.  I do hope that I have gotten better over the years. 

As you notice they're quite scratched and chipped, and somewhere in the box is a thumb for the Termie armored Inquisitor.  As for the shoulder mounted Psi-Cannon on the other Inquisitor, I don't think I ever mounted it, I have no idea where that could be.

Now I know I still have the Female Inquisitor and the Space Marine somewhere as well.  I just don't know if where, so it's looking like I may have to take another trip to the cellar to see what I can see. 

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