26 October 2013

7th Scansin (1st section) Part 2.

And done, it only took 2 months longer than planed but the 1st Section is finally finished.  Now I just have to start and finish 2nd Section before the 23rd of November.


Walking the lines of Leman Russes, Marshal Argos appeared deep in though.  None of his staff or Regimental Commanders dared to interrupt him.  They new from experience that when he was ready he would begin.  Until then the talked softly among themselves, following the Marshals lead.   "Gentleman, as I'm sure you've noticed we have received new Orders.  started Marshal Argos I'll be going into details as soon as we start the operation planning.  Until then please make sure your Regiments are ready for deployment.  If your equipment isn't serviceable, fix it.  If you can get it fixed prior to deployment, leave it or destroy it in place.  If your troopers are sick, or injured they have until the "step off" to get healed.  After that they'll be left behind with the baggage train.

This is going to be a big one.  We'll need every lasgun we can muster if we're going to pull this off.  Make sure your troopers have their heads on straight, and their gear squared away.  

Attend to your duties, my aides will call for you to attend the Op Meeting, once I've conferred with Field Headquarters.


  1. Woohoo! Great job! You should email that pic to Victoria Lamb so she can post it in her 'guest gallery'.

    1. Thanks! I never thought about sending a pic to Victoria Lamb, but now that you mention it... well it's not a bad idea.