18 August 2013

Review: 28mm steampunk inspired heavy weapons (Part 2)

 And here's part 2. Part 1 can be found here = Part 1

The good:
Very little clean-up was needed. I only found one place with a little bit of mold release left over, and that was gone in a jiffy.  I would still recommend giving the kits a good washing though as it is resin and all.
As I stated in the last post, 90% of the flash flakes off at the touch.  To get the last 10% you need a hobby knife and a couple of files.  (Don't take your wife's nail file though...  They won't like it when they find out what you've been using it for). 

As promised here's a few pics showing off the awesome detail in the kits:

The Bad: 

No Insturctions... Although to be honest these kits are super easy to put together and I really don't see a need for printed instructions.  The only time I wished I had a picture was assembly of the Rocket Launcher.  I used the pictures that were on thee kick-starter page for reference.  IF the good Col. Gravis reads this, maybe putting up some finished model pics on your website with a note as to where we could see the pics would be nice in the future.

The Middle:
The points where the mold connected to the wheel was a bit worse, but if you turn the that part to the bottom it's not visible any whey.

There were also a couple of mold lines here and there but they were easily removed with a file.

And as requested by "Buffer" in the last post here is a comparison shot of the Bombardier.
Left to Right:  Mix of Victoria Mini's an GW Legs, Bombardier, GW Preatorian, GW Master of the fleet.


  1. Neat. Thanks for posting this. Any chance you can give a comparison between them and an IG mini. I bought two sets of three and I'm planning on using them as a group of Thudd Guns and Rapiers if they're big enough. I'm still waiting on mine since I'm in the last group.

    1. hmmm... I'll see what I can do to get up a couple comparison shots in the next few days. (currently on a business trip) Stay tuned for the update!