14 July 2013

Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition

 Here's one of the models that started it all!  During 2nd Edition I had pretty much always played using friends mini's or with proxy's.  This was however the very first 40K model that I ever picked up, thank god though that a buddy of mine painted it for me, otherwise I may have gave up the game completely.

+"Inquisitor, have you arrived in system?"

-"Do you not trust in the Emperor, of course I have arrived.  My agents have already begun assessing the damage."

+"Are they aware of your presence?"

 -"Ha, Do you mean the guard or those imbeciles from the Ordo Xenos?"

When I look at the pictures like this, I think I really need to change the base on my Inquisitor.

+ "Inquisitor, need I remind you of the importance of this sector?  Remember your duty, serve the Emperor above all.  Exterminatus is not an option, if the planet falls then we must re-claim it in the name of the Emperor. 

- "Yes my lord"

 +  "If there is a chance to save the situation then do so, even if it means enlisting the aid of the other Ordo's"

A simple arm swap helped balance out the differences between the old and new GK Terminators.  Besides, I think the new arms look a lot better than the old. 

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  1. Wow they are really really groovy!
    I always enjoy your dialogue too.

    "Do you mean the guard or those imbeciles from the Ordo Xenos?"

    -Love it.