16 June 2013

7th Scansin (1st Section)

Progress has been made! I've got the base colors down, and even knocked out the first layer of shading.  Skin tones are in and even the start of a few beards.  I really love the detail in the heads, the one's from Victoria Miniatures fit the best (the bodies are from there as well)  but those from Max Mini, (once trimmed) fit in just fine.

 Since the last picture was taken I've done a bit of detailing, and the 2nd layer of shading.  More pics to follow at some point... 

Oh, and as a parting gift here's a quick shot of what's going to be my 6 man squad of Sharpshooters (counts as squats).


  1. Looking good. Cant wait to see the entire army painted!

  2. Really nice - good to see some of those tam o'shanters on a converted model as it were. VL has some of the finest bitz out there IMHO and you've done some really nice stuff with them.

  3. Thanks! Although I had to look up to see what a "tam o'shanter" was. I've always known them as "Balmers". But anywho, I've made some progress on these guys as well as the sniper. Updates coming forthwith.