04 May 2013

Games Day 2013 (Germany)

What a sham.   So I started thinking about GD Germany the other day, (yes I live in Germany) and went looking for information.  Lo and behold, they have upped the prices, removed the giveaway T-Shirt and Mini, (they will be available for a fee) and limited the number of guests to 2000....

OK, so the guest limit doesn't bother that much, as there might actually be enough space now to look at things. And hopefully the people who don't know how to shower won't buy their Tickets until after GW is sold out.  This also might increase the chance to be able to pick up some FW stuff. But it's more likely that FW would just bring lest stuff.

I guess the part of this whole thing that really bothers me the most is that we're supposed to pay MORE, and get less for our money...  (no mini / no T-Shirt)

GW has really been pissing me off the last few weeks.

Question to you all:   Does anyone know if GW is doing the same thing in the US or UK? 


  1. The UK hasn't had a free T shirt as long as I can remember, and charged for the mini last year. It was free the year before, though. I saw no outcry at all.

  2. I guess it wouldn't have bothered me so much if they had simply not offered the free t-shirt and Mini. Instead they decided to charge more to get a ticket AND remove the T-Shirt and Mini.

  3. Sheesh. How to make friends and influence people, eh?!

  4. Well it could be worse...
    Here in Australia our Games Day has been cancelled outright. It is in line with GW's Australian policy:
    "We hate you. We want your money, but just know that we hate you."

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  6. "Double post removed"

    I love the GW Australian Policy!! And I sometimes feel that we in Europe may be heading the same way. TBH I still haven't decided about the GD this year...