31 March 2013

Field Orders: Task Force Dagger

To: Marshal Argos, Battle Group 82
From: Sub-Sector Imperial Field HQ
Subject: Imperial Field Special Orders
Priority: High

Message Format: Telepathic
Astropathic Duct:  Tribanus Relay Station 3

The following Officer is appointed to Marshal for the duration of the campaign, subject to the confirmation of the Imperial Munitoreum.  You are hereby given command of the following Regiments and separate units  for the duration of the Campaign.  Additionally you are hereby ordered to make all hast to the Avenweddon theater where will be joined by further Guard and Space Marine forces in the defense of Avenweddon.  A detailed Intelligence briefing has also been provided.

Task Force Dagger - Marshal Argos, to Command, to consist of the 313th Drop Troop Regt*., 327th Infantry Regiment*, 7th Scansin Regt. of Foot, 19th Mynvody Lancers (5 Squadrons), 73rd Armoured Regt (2 Super Heavy Squadrons, 3 Tank Companies, 1x Artillery Company)*, 501st Storm Trooper Regt. (2 Companies).
(*Planet of Origins: Fantoma)

You are required to report in all haste to your deployment zone, if any assigned forces are not yet ready, they will be sent along as reinforcements when and as such a time permits.

Furthermore, you shall be provided such services and material as required to perform your duty for a period of 1 year.  These orders also entitle Task Force Dagger to further reserves and replacements assuming losses incurred do not exceed 50% in one month.

 Col. Pallidar with Dagger Company 313th DTR


  1. Very nice. :)
    "...assuming losses incurred do not exceed 50% in one month." wow!

  2. Yeah, I'm still not sure about that, but I figure any Commander you losses that many troopers in that short amount of time, deserves to be relieved of duty.