05 November 2012

19th Mynvody Lancers

Well, I have all the horses together, but I have to admit the kits were horrible!  None of the heads really fit correctly, so I they have all been corrected using Liquid Green Stuff.  I have to admit though that this stuff is super easy to use.  I've added the rear strap with Cereal box, and used some bits to add some kit them.  I'd like to give most, if not all the Lancers a sword, pistol, and Lance.  This way I can use them with any combination of weapons allowed in the codex.

As for their Riders, well we can see one of those below.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the legs are from Victoria Miniatures, and the torso's from Curious Constructs.  The only issue I had was that the legs on the riders are too close together for the horses!!!  So I had to go back and pull them apart about 2-3mm so that they would fit.  Not 100% sure about the colors yet, but it'll be something along those lines.


  1. Looking forward to seeing these finished

  2. Got to love some good old cavalry! I used GW Marauder horses which are even bigger so I had to cut down the saddle. These kits fit perfectly on Pistoliers/Outriders horses but not so great for the other types. Still it looks like you have bent them out just right because the are looking good.