16 July 2012

7th Scansin Regiment of Foot

So I've decided to break down and do something a little bit different for my 4th Platoon.  I'm going to combine bits from GW's Cadian, Victoria Miniatures, Max Mini, and Curious Constructs to create the "7th Sconscin Regiment of Foot".  Expect to see more ideas and such soon. Including my ideas or heavy weapons and photo montage for how I expect my army to look.

Th pic above is just a quick idea of how expect them to look.  The idea was better in my head, but I will definitely have to get a deeper blue, and change he red leg strip to something else.


  1. Praetorians with blue jackets! he he, love it. You will just have to put up with everyone asking you 'so why didn't you pant them red'.... Like I get all the time!! ;)

  2. Yup, I was expecting more of that. I think the Blue looks better and I had originally thought of giving them civil war forage hats.. but then decided on the Praetorian version instead.

  3. It's a good look!

    I always gid a grey with red design, but I've never been able to paint it convicingly...