01 May 2012

All Infantry IG Lists

SO... I've been thinking about where I want to go with my IG army and I've been mulling the idea of an all Infantry "almost" list.  I plan on throwing in 6 or 7 Sentinels or a FW Tauros's (counts as sentinel) to help provide some mobile heavy support, but that would be it for vehicles. 

Does anyone else out there do this?  any ideas as to what would make this a fun army to play against.   Please remember that I like to play for FUN, and for me fun doesn't include power lists.


  1. In this tournament climate I don't think you can really "power list" with an infantry IG army.

    That being said, I've tried an infantry list with 3 squads of plasma veterans, all with camo cloaks. They can go to ground for a 2+ save, and receive the "get back in the fight" order to fire again next turn. That formed my solid center line.

    On each flank (-not outflanking, just deployed to my left and right-) I had a twenty man combined infantry squad, with one commissar, three power weapons, two autocannons, and two meltas. This gave me a counter-attack unit, some accurate range fire with orders, and some decent close range anti-tank. All in all, not worth the points they cost, I don't think, but I liked the unit.

    For a commander I had Creed, of course, with two meltas and then I had a second command squad with two meltas and a regimental standard. That allowed Creed to stay back, while the other commander took the banner to the front lines to anchor everyone down.

    To finish the list off I had three vendettas and a manticore, because I don't want heavy weapon squads. Too easy to double out, imo.

    The list has a somewhat Napoleonic feel when it is played correctly. Unfortunately, an IG infantry list is not very forgiving at all. One slip up and your line starts to fold.

    I'd look at the Tau, and see how some of their lists play, and use their strategies in your guard list. For example, using the two 20 man flank units as blocking units to protect your main line, much like Tau use kroot.

  2. I have noticed that one slip up and you have almost no chance to recover. My last game saw a Space Kitties army roll up one of my flanks and I found myself playing a fight to survive game for the next 3 turns.

  3. Hmmm...Something I always like to kick around in my head.

    I absolutely LOVE playing inf-only (although never competitively), and I love the fact that all the enemy's anti-tank capability is utterly wasted...but the trouble with throwing in just a soupcon of armour (especially very light AV armour) is that it is very likely to die very very quickly, as all the stuff your opponent brought along to deal with landraiders and Russes suddenly draws a bead on puny sentinels in turn 1.

  4. I play infantry only armies a lot, and yeah like Drax has said it is better to have no armour at all (then just a few small ones). These games are fun. I find the 'don't hold back' approach is best as you are playing with essentially a horde army. The bottom line for me is if I present enough units to the enemy they can't shoot at them all. Then I concentrate on picking part of their army apart until I have the upper hand.