23 October 2010

IG Expansion

Hail the Emperor for the ranks of the Imperial Guard have once again expanded!!

Well as you've noticed it's been almost a month since my last post.  The reason is posted above, Aline Dana #######, born on 10.10.10!!!   Which is a neat for us because my wife and I got married on 08.08.08.  She may not know it yet, but she WILL be a Sci-Fi freak like her dad, and a Genius like her mom.   On the hobby side of things I'm hoping to get some work done on my Exterminators later in the week.  We'll see how much time I have left after the "little one" wears us out all day. 

 And just a quick pic to show that I really have finished one of my projects this year:


  1. Congratulations, and welcome to the best club in the world!

    Enjoy every last second.

  2. Congratulations! My baby girl is three weeks and two days old, herself!

  3. Thanks Gents! I have to admit it gives ya a different look at life but one we enjoy. Now,if only i could get her little hands to hold the paint brush correctly... :)

  4. Congrats Dan!

    That is a very easy birthday to remember indeed! ;)

    Warlock Tony

  5. Congratulations matey, that's one hell of a mini you've made there!

  6. Blackadder here, 10/10/10, easy to remember and significant in that 101010 is binary for 42, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe and everything if you're a Doug Adams Fan.