16 August 2010

Exterminator Squadron

Well I just can't bring myself to paint the Warhound starring at me, so I decided to build a couple of tanks.  Basically I'm just using some old Rhino hulls I had sitting around and cover them up, using German WW2 tanks as inspiration.
They're going to be locally made Exterminators, produced on Vergnitz IV (my fluff Forgeworld).  Technically lighter armored but through the use of bolt on armor and sideskirts they'll meet the codex rules.

I'm thinking of copying the Pz III turret but making to barrels. Then once it's done, I'll add the sideskirts on the tracks and turret.

1 comment:

  1. Your Exterminator Tank look really good! Great job on the conversion. I like the sideskirts and the slight elevation in height as well.