29 August 2010

73rd Armored vs Space Puppies

I tried a new list out the other day at the Friday games night.  An armor heavy list with just 2 vets squads as my troops and Commissar Lord as my HQ, and you know something?  I loved it!! 

I'm normally the guy that plays an Infantry heavy list with a 2 Bassie's and maybe a Russ.  For larger games I'll break out the Manticore and a 2nd Russ or my Sentinels but that's about it for armor.   Now with me building the Exterminators and all, I decided to give them a go in this list and I have to say they ROCKED!  Those 3 Exterminators cleared 3 Space Puppie squads clean off the table.

Now, in the end I lost the game and the deciding moment was here:
I moved my 2 Russes forwards instead of back which was the smart thing to do, enabling me to use their long range to shoot at the enemy.   Because of this, his Termie's were able to assault my tanks and in one round destroy them, completely clearing out my left flank and opening a clear avenue of approach to my Bassies behind the forest. Next time I'll think a little more before making my move...

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