29 August 2010

73rd Armored vs Space Puppies

I tried a new list out the other day at the Friday games night.  An armor heavy list with just 2 vets squads as my troops and Commissar Lord as my HQ, and you know something?  I loved it!! 

I'm normally the guy that plays an Infantry heavy list with a 2 Bassie's and maybe a Russ.  For larger games I'll break out the Manticore and a 2nd Russ or my Sentinels but that's about it for armor.   Now with me building the Exterminators and all, I decided to give them a go in this list and I have to say they ROCKED!  Those 3 Exterminators cleared 3 Space Puppie squads clean off the table.

Now, in the end I lost the game and the deciding moment was here:
I moved my 2 Russes forwards instead of back which was the smart thing to do, enabling me to use their long range to shoot at the enemy.   Because of this, his Termie's were able to assault my tanks and in one round destroy them, completely clearing out my left flank and opening a clear avenue of approach to my Bassies behind the forest. Next time I'll think a little more before making my move...

27 August 2010

Exterminator Update (3)

Well there we have it, the masses (all 18 of you) have voted and the hatch is going to be slightly offset as seen in the photos above and below.   Along side you can see that I've started the detailing.  Little things like the sideskirts, headlights, hand grips and rivets, and rivets and yet more rivets to come.  

  Once I've got all the rivets in place I'll seal the models with at least 2 coats of Testors clear coat.  After that I'll green stuff the mistakes.   When working with paper and GS I've found that when sanding down the GS it will ruin the paper.  To help keep this from happening I coat everything in at least 2 coats of clear coat first, then apply the GS and then sand it down.  This way you sand down the GS even with the clear coat instead of wrecking the paper.
  After that's done move on to base coating and painting like normal.

24 August 2010

Exterminator Update

 Here's an updated pic of the Vergnitz IV pattern Exterminator.  I haven't really worked on them to much as I'm STILL waiting on bitz...  :(  (see below) I did a quick mock-up of the how the sideskirts will look, with more detail in the finished product of course.   Added some vision slits to the side of the turret, and that about it.  Of course the other 2 now look exactly like this one only without the main gun.  For those of you who haven't voted in the poll look to the right and have a vote.  I'm trying to determine where the best location for the turret hatch to be placed.


** If you don't want to read the rant stop here and vote before you leave.

Why the hell does it take so long for some bitz companies to ship their orders, and whatever happened to timeliness?  I ordered bitz for this project from 3 different companies, I prefer to use one, but when NOBODY has all the parts I need in stock than you do whatcha gotta do.   The thing is though is that 2 of the companies have at least shipped my orders, and I know it takes up to 2 weeks to get to Germany even though England is a stone throws away.  I mean post from the states gets here faster than from England....   The 3rd company (also outa the UK) hasn't even acknowledged my order, even though they took my money.  So I guess I'll wait a few more days than try contacting them again, before going through my credit card to get my money back. 

19 August 2010

Poll Time (Exterminator Turret)

Alright everyone.  I need your help in determining which of the three options I should go with for the turret hatch on my Exterminators. 

Your choices are :

Option A: Center

Option B: Slightly Offset

Option C: Completely Offset
I'll leave the poll up for a week (until next week Friday) and see what everyone else thinks.  The poll is open to the right so vote away!!!

16 August 2010

Exterminator Squadron

Well I just can't bring myself to paint the Warhound starring at me, so I decided to build a couple of tanks.  Basically I'm just using some old Rhino hulls I had sitting around and cover them up, using German WW2 tanks as inspiration.
They're going to be locally made Exterminators, produced on Vergnitz IV (my fluff Forgeworld).  Technically lighter armored but through the use of bolt on armor and sideskirts they'll meet the codex rules.

I'm thinking of copying the Pz III turret but making to barrels. Then once it's done, I'll add the sideskirts on the tracks and turret.

15 August 2010

Site updates

As some of you may have noticed I changed the banner on my blog.  Originally I this blog was only about my guard but as time progressed I started different projects and thought I'd incorporate them into the title as well.  There's is no need to change links or update anything. 

Over the next week or so I'm going to try and get a bit of site cleanup and updating done as well, so expect to see a few minor tweaks and changes coming up in the near future.

Till then I hope the servants of the Emperor smite their foe's, and those alien, traitor ,and green skin lovers go down in righteous flames.