07 June 2010

Vet. Sgt. Kris Knebel (Pask)

So I waited how many months until GW released it's Knight Commander Pask model only to be sorely disappointed.  That said, I decided to do my own with the results posted above, I'll leave the copula of my next Russ unglued so that I can swap out Pask as warranted.

A 12 year veteran of the 73rd Armoured Regiment Vet. Sgt. Knebel has 168 confirmed kills, more than any other tanker assigned to the 73rd or those in the battle for Arcturus. Although a lowly trooper Sgt. Knebel is highly regarded by his superiors for his skill and dedication in destroying the enemy. He has worked his way up from the ranks filling ever position from driver, to loader and gunner; if not for his renegade streak, Knebel would have received a field promotion to the officer ranks many times over. Instead he is content to command the Leman Russ "Tigers Eye"


  1. Looks good. And having the ability to swap him out is a plus.
    Still, I'm not sure Pask would appreciate the idea of commanding his forces from the confines of a paint pot pillbox ;)

  2. haha, your right about the paint pot but until his Russ finished, he's going to have make do with fighting the Emperor's enemies with paint rounds.