30 June 2010

Melta Marine

Another fist is done.  Actually he's been done for a while now, I just haven't gotten him posted up yet.  This brings the number of completed fists up to 4 with only 2 more to go  :)  to finish the squad.    I trimmed down the ridge on the shoulder guards to give them an older look, and made sure to use one of the old backpacks as well.  I really tired to give the base a marble affect, and although I think it looks good I'm not sure if it's marble.  I'd love to give credit to the company who made them but I can't.  I found them in an unmarked bag at the bottom of a game store in Cologne on a recent trip there. 

Well back to the grind...


  1. Nice work !

    Can't wait for the completed unit photo !

  2. Hopefully it'll be finished and up soon. I've really got to get this project finished as it's starting to drag on. The biggest problem was waiting on bits I ordered... it took more than a month for them to be delivered...

  3. I think the marble effect came out quite well. I thought it was real marble the first time i looked at the base.

    Did you freehand the Imperial Fist chapter symbol? It looks really good!

    The colors gives me the impression of a battle worn marine. I think its very well done ;) Look forward to seeing more.