13 June 2010

Imperial Fist Techmarine

The next of my 6 Imperial Fists.  Still working on this battle damage and weathering idea.  In the past I'd just paint and go, but in the name of progress, or just getting with the times I've decided to start paying attention to the little details.  Next post I'll put up some comparison shots of my mini's from 12 years ago...


Here's an advertisement for anyone in Germany.  There is a pretty good Gaming club in Gutersloh and they meet every Friday evening.  I've been over there twice now and have a blast in both games, not only do they have plenty of terrain and table space, but quite a few speak English so for those that can't "do the Deutsch" it's not a problem to get a game.  Here's a link to their site if anyone is interested  GT-Battlezone

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