05 June 2010

313th vs Tyranids

tschja, what can I say, I played a 1750 point "Dawn of War" mission, and stupidly chose to go first...  meaning that I wasted my entire first round of shooting.  The Imperial Navy scum attached to my army actually did something for once, and made sure his flankers came out on the wrong side (for him) of the board.  I screwed up my flank defense (which just about cost me the game) and the 'nids rolled along the board edge to my objective.

This was quite literally a fight to the death as I threw everything I could at his 2 Trygons raping my objective.  I pulled out a last game (6th turn) draw by the skin of my teeth and the bravery of a lowly LT who stood his ground while Battle Cannon and Basilisk shells leveled everything around him.  Seeing the giant Tyranid "Alpha" still alive he pulled out his Plasma pistol and shot the beast in the head to secure the objective.  

I'll get pics posted once I get them and a more detailed battle report typed up in the next few days.

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