20 June 2010

313th vs. Necrons

       Having been notified of unknown movement reported by ground sensors strewn out to cover their the flanks BG-82 Command dispatched elements of the Mike Company 313th supported by artillery and armor support from the 73rd Armored Regt.   Arriving at the coordinates, Cpt. Holdt saw the reason the sensors were activated... "Necrons" he thought.  He immediately went about emplacing his support squads and armor, but there was little time before the C'tan lord charged into them.  "Bring it Down" he ordered, "I want everything we have on it until he's dead."  Cpt. Holdt was a firm believer in the theory of  shoot the big one's first.  Especially if they charge you.
      Missile after missile flew into the floating horror coming at them. Artillery and tanks shells exploded sending geysers of dirt in the air, but onward it came.  Holdt's infantry squads had no time to get into cover, for their heavy missile launchers were needed from the start.  With an ear splitting WHALLOP a monster of an alien tank appeared directly in front of them.  Thunderous lighting leapt out at the armor supporting them.
"Infantry this is Armor, we're still here" vox'd Sgt. Brown "But those two are inside our Arty limits"."Thunder 1 and 2 moving to fire directly, Whistler engaging targets in the forest".  Cpt. Holdt new he had to kill the C'tan and enemy tank if he wanted to get out of here alive.  "2nd Plt. swing right and see if you can't outflank these fraggers" he yelled across the comm bead.
     Scant minutes later and the C'tan disappeared in a flash of light and being hit with plasma gun from 2nd Platoon's command team.  One down thought the Captain, if it hadn't cost us 20 something troopers to do it, it might have been worth while.  If we don't take this tank down quick we're done for he thought, as his heavy weapons teams fired once again.
1st Platoon was almost gone, 2 squads, 20 troopers... If it wasn't for that damned damned enemy squad that appeared from nowhere thought Cpt. Holdt.  Suddenly "Command! Command! this is Lt. Brewer.  We're gone sir, there's only us left, 1st.. 2nd squads wiped...  We're g.....  aaarrrrrrhhhhh....."  and then only silence.  That's it thought the Captain, it's time we bring the fight to them.
With no officers left alive it was up to Sgt. Wilson to get what remained of the company out alive.  He still had 20 men with him, his squad and 2 heavy weapon teams.  Throw in the armor that made it and we just might be able to make it back he though.  He still couldn't explain it the enemy had them, and suddenly they all began to just disappear.  It was eerie, the silence they left behind on the battle field.  Wilson new they lost this fight, what with more than half the company killed or wounded, and all it's officers dead, but some had survived and those survivors would continue to fight and die for the Emperor.


Imperial Guard vs. Necrons
SIZE: 1500 pts
MISSION:  Annihilation
RESULTS: IG 1, Necrons 8


  1. I always find necrons nasty things to combat.

  2. This was my first go at them and I have to agree. I learned a lot though, like ignore his armor and try to kill his troops. The biggest thing someone mentioned yesterday on one of the forums: "As IG you need to join as many squads a possible to limit the Kill Points you'll give out."

    I'll try that next time!