07 March 2010

Blood Angels are falling...

Well, after seeing pictures of the new BA models I hereby declare them "Traitorous Extremis Diabolus!!!"   What manner of warp spawned creature would have wings growing out of their back.  I could understand Sanguinius as he was a Primarch, but now...  I mean ever 2nd BA character appears to have them.  Monsters, Deamons, call them what you will, but they will no longer be accepted in this army's theater of operation.   I shall make it my personal goal to destroy those blood drinking, wing sprouting deamons and I shall not stop until they have all repented and cut off those damn wings.

Anywho, I like most of the models, but the wings, I think you already know how I fell about them.  "Brian" if your out their reading this, sorry bud I know you always loved the BA, but they're gonna have to die.

Also on to more interesting topics.   Played my first mission out of the new Battle missions book last night at my LGS, it was quite fun even if it was an Imperial defeat.   More on that later, I have to sit down and get the photos uploaded.


  1. I have seen sprues for the new stuff and I agree, they have run the wings into the ground. Ok, on someone like Dante I could understand but when every 2nd person has them. Besides, I thought wings were reserved for Dark Angel helmets on veterens.

  2. the wings are mechanical.
    in no way are they meant to be actual physical wings growing out of their backs
    they are meant to mimic their primarch in appearance
    sanguinius is still the only one with actual wings of flesh, blood and feathers.

  3. Yes, Yes, I sort of knew they weren't real, but they still bother me. I mean over the last couple of years GW has been releasing wonderful models but all the wings are just going overboard. One special character with them would be great not 10.