09 February 2010

Templars Predator Annihilator... (BT Tuesdays pt.3)

There she is, this single tank has killed more enemy units than any other in my entire BT army.  Originally I had modeled her without the sponson Lascannons but added those later to increase the destructive capability.  With the addition of POTMS this guy can really do some damage.
Here's a few pictures of the interior:

The above pic has to be one of my favorites pics I have ever taken.  I think it gives him a little bit of a sinister feeling dark and shadowy.

This is the same pic but with a little more light added to it.  Seeing this now year later it makes me wish I had painted the monitors and not just the radar....  Oh well, now its a note for self for self in the future.


  1. Great job! I really dig the interior, the techmarine adds a nice touch.

  2. Thanks, I had about 5 techmarines sitting around and seeing that I never used them thought they'd look good mounted in some of the vehicles.

    Eventually I plan on re-doing my Land Raider and adding some more interior details there as well, but that's on the far, far, distant future list.

  3. Wow, I was checking out your Blog this afternoon, and the interior of that predator is really cool, I have a number of extra bits laying around and I think I'll be putting a Sgt. in my next rhino build.