23 February 2010

Templar Tuesday's Crusader Squad

I suppose it's about time to show my 3rd Crusader squad.  I have total of 3 squads armed for assault and 2 for support.  Each of the 3 squads armed for CC are equipped with a meltagun, just in case, and a PW.  The support squads have either Plasma/Melta guns and HB's.  Again as you see in the pic I wanted to try and make each Templar individual so the back banners are always different as each has different markings.  Like the fluff for the BT goes I really wanted them to look like they were brothers who came together to fight out of comradeship and not because the good book (Codex Astartes) says so. 

Oh, and I promise that after today's crappy pic I will re-shoot (until they're good) them before posting.  I just couldn't seem to get the picture taking mojo working last night and gave up.

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